“I see Hell in your eyes….”

L5D Countdown

"14th March 2007, 01:44
Max Teranous [BDCI]
MC Leadership

Hi guys,

The northerners have this evening conducted a long range strike into our home, putting 2 POS into reinforced in L5D. Both are our Capital Shipyards. This is when they come out of reinforced:

P5 M1: 2030 Thursday evening

P6 M1: 1100 Friday daytime

The hostile force was entirely cap ships, 16 carriers & 47 dreads. A single cyno crow was used to get the force in."


Over the past several weeks, I have read the above post from our forums countless times.  It was the first notification to my brothers and sisters that our newest contract would exact a horrible toll on us.  Reading the above post is what drives me personally to log on and lead ‘just one more op’ because… I remember.

Some forget what it was like just a few months ago when the whole of EVE, even former enemies, seemed to be baying for the blood of Band of Brothers and any associated with them above all else.  They took our acceptance of a major contract from BoB to be a sign that they were right all along and that now, at last, was the chance to put the nails in our coffin in particular!

The War would not spare us; we would not be able to dance around the edges. 

What motivates a mercenary force?  Money? Honor? Vengeance?  They answer to all three is, “Yes.”  But what happens when all three come together?  What happens when you back them into a corner and it becomes apparent that their survival and way of life will cease to exist if they fail?

This is what happens.

Compare that image to 3 months ago.

In order to survive, we had to win.  So… we did.

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